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Aril  2023

33 by 46 cm

Acrylic on canvas

Price: 250 BGN (128 EUR)

Dawn, with its delicate hues and gradual emergence, embodies a breathtaking pattern that unfolds each day. It marks the transition from darkness to light, as the sun's rays pierce through the horizon, painting the sky with vivid colors. The rising of the sun itself follows a pattern, a rhythmic dance witnessed by generations. We, too, are drawn to the symphony of dawn, finding solace and inspiration in its consistent arrival. The patterns of dawn remind us of the cyclical nature of life, offering a sense of renewal and the opportunity to start anew. As we witness the patterns of dawn, we are reminded of our own place within the greater tapestry of existence, where patterns guide us, connect us, and beckon us to embrace the beauty and possibilities that each new day brings.

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