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The One Tool To Cook Healthy Food While Your Child Has Fun And Learn

Our society is disconnected from real food.
Many children and adults don’t know where their food comes from, whether it grows in a plant, on the ground, in a tree or in the soil. They are not aware of the big variety of foods they are lucky to have access to, and they don’t know how to use real ingredients to create healthy and delicious recipes. Facing this situation, 
a Health Motivator and an Artist decided to join forces to help moms and new generations of humans.

We created this product to make it easier for moms to prepare easy and healthy food while they bring their children into the kitchen with them.

The children will be having fun while coloring, but at the same time, they will be learning about cooking, ingredients, nutrition and also a new language.


Create memories with your children around food


Create your own cookbook with healthy recipes, using your child’s coloring pages, and easily collecting them into a binder.


Preparing Eggplant
Green Goodness

Cook healthy food that everyone will enjoy

In a society where we need to defend ourselves from the food industry, you can take control over your health and your family’s health by preparing your own healthy and easy recipes.



Help your children to learn about real food


Show them the ingredients you use for the recipe, teach them what they are called and what they are good for. Go even further by teaching them the same ingredients’ names in another language.


Teacher and Student
Kids' Paintings

Print and repeat as many times as you want

You can print the recipe and the coloring pages separately, and you can print them as many times as you want (only for personal use). Use the same recipe that you have already stored in your cookbook, and print just the coloring part so that your child can start from scratch. Add the date to each copy and store them together with your recipe.  



Claudia Canu is a former junk and sugar addict transformed into a Health Motivator with a master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

She is now on a mission to help other busy women with basic knowledge about nutrition and who don’t love cooking, to live a healthier life and achieve big goals.


Irina Pandeva is a 9th generation painter from Bulgaria. 

In the early 2014 she decided to follow the footsteps of her grandfathers and pursue her passion for arts. She now lives in Bansko, her family’s birthplace, where she honors the artistic heritage of her ancestors while exploring modern adaptations of her past.

“We grew up with our moms cooking real food, but then we unlearned everything when the food industry started to sell convenience and cheap foods. We had to re-learn how to cook and eat healthy and, if it wasn’t easy for us, we can only imagine how difficult it can be for moms who also have to take care of their children and have the responsibility to teach them the right information.”

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